I am Robert C. Covington, the "Go To Guy" for small and medium business compliance and security, and founder of ToGoCIO.  I have spent most of my career providing technology leadership for smaller businesses and organizations.  In most cases, I started with inefficient IT operations, poorly trained IT personnel, no recorded policies or procedures, significant security exposures, and no risk management.  Many people would run from such a situation.  In fact, in one organization that hired me, one of the fastest growing private companies in Atlanta at the time, my predicessor worked a few days, left for lunch one day, and never came back!

I seek out these situations however, because I enjoy the challenge of turning these IT organizations around quickly.  The most satisfying aspect of this effort is the first time it becomes clear to company management that my efforts have resulted in improvements to the organizition's bottom line.


I would like to do the same for your business or organization - improving your IT efficiency, solving technology problems, addressing the kind of security and regulatory issues you hear about in the news - thus bringing you the benefits of having your own CIO, without the overhead.  Of course, the bottom line is always the bottom line - improved profitability, reduced costs, eliminated exposures, and the ability to have a technological operation that allows you to compete with the "big guys".


I am so confident in our ability to help move your IT operation forward, that I will give you an initial evaluation free!  We will come in, review your operation against our ToGoCIO scorecard, and will give you a complete written report, including recommendations., all at no cost to you.  While you can certainly utilize this report to resolve issues yourself, we are confident that you will be so convinced of our capabilities, that you will ask us to assist with moving your IT operation forward.


As you explore our site, you will note that we don't sell any products.  That is intentional.  When we help to select a hardware or software solution for a client, I do not want to be influenced by vendor relationships, but rather to be completely objective, making the right choice for each client's specific needs.  This also allows me to find the best possible pricing for you on any product, with no middleman to pay.


Request an evaluation today, and let me show you how we can help.



LET'S TALK: 678-341-3630
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