Free Risk Management Analysis


We at togoCIO know the importance of basic risk management for any organization, large or small.  At the same time, many organizations don't have the time or personnel to assess their risks themselves.


As a benefit to such organizations in Atlanta, we are offering a free technology risk assessment. As part of this process, we will visit your organization for an onsite review, produce a detailed written report using our risk scorecard, and give it to you with obligation.  This is up to a $500 value.


Some FAQs:


Is free really worth anything?  In this case, you have nothing to lose!  The cost of not taking a hard look at your risks can be enormous.


Why are you willing to give away this service?  We are convinced that once you see the value of our services, you will be anxious to work with us, now or later.  There is absolutely no obligation however, and you will find the information we provide to be very helpful regardless.


What do I have to do?  We need to spend approximately 30 minutes with someone in our organization that understands your technology.  It is also helpful for us to look at a couple representative PCs, and servers (if any).  You just need to have someone log us in, and look over our shoulder.


Will my information be held in confidence?  Yes, what we find and recommend will be completely confidential, and we are happy to execute a non-disclosure agreement (your form or ours).


Any limitations?  We obviously cannot complete an exhaustive analysis in 2 hours, but we are confident that the analysis we provide will be of great benefit to your organization.


How do I sign up?  Simply call us, or contact using our contact form.  We will respond quickly, and schedule a visit at a mutually convenient time.



LET'S TALK: 678-341-3630
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