Security Training


The weak links to any information security plan are your employees.  They create weak passwords, don't properly protect confidential information, and click on potentially dangerous links.  Why?  They just don't know how to properly protect your company's assets.  They all have jobs they are good at,  but for most, information security does not come naturally.


As an example, pfishing is a significant security exposure.  Studies have shown that employees are quite likely to click on dangerous links in email messages.  After training, the same studies show a significant reduction in the number of such clicks.


Why assume this risk when you can control it, quickly and affordably?   Let us design and present a security training program for you, customized to the needs of your specific business or organization.  We have years of experience designing and presenting this training as part of compliance programs.  Contact us today, and let is put that experience to work protecting your organization.



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