Business Security Review


Sony, Target, Home Depot, Chick Fil A - the list of major 2014 security breaches goes on and on.  These companies have deep pockets, and can weather the storm.  Can your business?


For every major breach you hear about, there are thousands impacting smaller organizations that never make the news.  Don't be one of those companies!


We can provide a review of your organization's information security using our proprietary scorecord, developed over many years working with businesses such as yours.  Most breaches happen as a result of small mistakes, and our analysis can help you find and eliminate those exposures, and all for an affordable flat fee


Our review will take less than an hour of your time, and we will deliver a comprehensive report, including specific recommendations for remediation.  We never ask for your passwords, and you watch everything we do.  Your IT staff or support company can implement them, or if desired, we can work with you to implement necessary changes.


Sleep better tonight!  Download our Business Security Review fact sheet, and contact us today to schedule a visit, or request more information.



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