Whether you need quick advice on a hardware or software acquisition, or a complete evaluation of your IT operation, we can help.  We don't have elaborate service packages. Rather, we offer our services in whatever combination best suits your needs.  Just tell us how we can help!

Security/Regulatory Evaluation

Studies have shown the importance of regular staff security training, as many breaches occur as a result of employee errors.


We can affordably prepare and present customized training for your team, regardless of your company size.

You don't have to listen to the news very often to understand the problem - security breaches, customer data disclosure, regulatory violations - the PR and financial consequences can be staggering.  We can perform a detailed analysis of your security, and any applicable regulatory compliance - HIPAA, SOX, PCI, give you an extensive written evaluation, and help you fix any issues.

Advanced Services

We offer a variety of advanced services designed to help your organization meet a variety of IT needs.  These include:

  • Risk management/disaster recovery planning

  • Data center construction management

  • IT candidate job interviews

  • Hands on assistance

  • Cloud migration



LET'S TALK: 678-341-3630
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