Advertising and Intellectual DIshonesty

I listen to a local talk radio station a good bit while in the car. There has been an ad running for some time by a company selling gold and silver. The commercial dramatically announces breaking news in the precious metals market, and proceeds to tell us that China and Korea are buying up bunches of gold and silver, implying that the prices are about to go through the roof. It has been annoying me of late because of the its basic dishonesty.

I do not pretend to understand the precious metal market. What I do know that this commercial with "breaking" news has been running for at least 6 months. It can't possibly sill be breaking news at this point, whether true or not. It is a good example of an advertiser assuming their audience is not very bright.

This is a common issue in the IT world. We read about a wonderful new hardware or software product, but when we delve into it, we find that the "features" are exaggerated, or don't exist yet. It reminds me of a company that bought a web-based software product some time back, only to find out it dit not really exist yet.

The bottom line - be suspicious of any IT vendor promises until you have done enough due diligence to know what you are really buying.

#hardware #software #advertising

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