Speaking to Groups


We enjoy the opportunity to speak to to civc and business groups, without charge.  We work to ensure that our presentations are informative, interactive, and enjoyable. Although we can design custom presentations to meet the specific needs of your organization, you an also choose from some of our standard presentations, including:


  • Risk Management - Sweat the Small Stuff

  • Information Security - The Buck Stops with Everyone

  • The Cloud - Make it a Silver Lining, and Not an Approaching Storm

  • Content Management - What it is and Why You Need It

  • Physical Security - Start by Keeping the Thief Outside Your Door

  • Disaster Recovery - Only for Organizations with At Least 1 Employee


Since we stay quite busy, please contact us as far in advance of your speaking opportunity, to ensure availability.



Media Source


We are happy to assist local and national media as an authoritative source on topics related to risk management, information security, disaster recovery, and technology infrastructure.  We will do our best to accommodate requests on short notice.  Please contact us as early as possible to ensure availability.



LET'S TALK: 678-341-3630
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