Don't be the Next Target or Anthem!

Our Free White Paper Will Show You How to Easily Check Your Security Readiness

Customer quotes


"From a non-IT person with a little bit of knowledge, I found it to be very thorough and comprehendible.  It helped me become more knowledgeable and have a better understanding of issues and risks I had not previously considered."  Frank Vann, COO, FCCI.


"I can definitely recommend this to others as well, and will do so."   Robert W. Fowler, CEO, FOWLER DESIGN associates, inc. 

We are NOT fans of white papers.  They are usually heavy on marketing, and light on useful information.  We set out to make this one different.


30 Steps to a Secure Organization is loaded with specific and useful information about securing your organization:


  • Easy to follow step-by-step evaluation process

  • Specific suggestions for resolving any issues found

  • Links to free and inexpensive tools and resources to help


And, we will NOT fill your mailbox with annoying messages.


Request a copy today, and maxamize your information security, BEFORE you make the news.

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